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Facial Tanning Lotions

Black Diamond Face

  • Self Adjusting formula made for all skin types, especially Problem Prone and Oily Skins.
  • Illuminate your face with a "Diamond Dust" glow.


“I get amazing, even facial bronzing every time I tan, and my face stays smooth and hydrated long after.” -Sarah


  • This facial product is an intensified high tech tanning lotion with a wealth of skin enhancing benefits.
  • Contains premium bronzers and the latest anti wrinkle and facial treatment ingredients.
  • It's enriched with silicone for a smooth application, and luxurious, radiant looking skin.


Absolutely one of my favorite products.  Living in the desert can be really harsh on our skin, especially our faces.  I face not only helps give a radiant glow to my face to match the rest of my tan but the ingredients have really helped me look younger!  – Stacey

Tanatomy Face

  • A super premium facial, neck and decolletage rejuvenating tanning lotion.
  • It gives an extra color boost with its moderate Facial Formulated Bronzer and contains superb skin care.
  • This is a self adjusting formula, producing the latest benefits of tanning/cosmeceutical science.


This face product is the best of the best.   It feels so natural and refreshing on my face.   A must try!!  – Chelsea