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Best Sellers

Black Diamond

  • The Ultimate Luxury Experience powered with the newest and highest concentrations and combinations of Tanning and Rejuvenating Technologies.
  • Black Onyx Bronzing Blend for Immediate and Long Lasting Bronzing, reinforced with MelanoBronze.


“My favorite tanning product by far, and I LOVE that it adjusts to my skin tone!” -Sabrina

Black Diamond Moisturizer

  • Pure Lotion reinforced with MelanoBronze.
  • Light Diamond Essence Fragrance with a 100% Natural, powdery feel.


“My skin feels so soft, and I love the luxurious scent.” -Carol

Black Diamond Face

  • Self Adjusting formula made for all skin types, especially Problem Prone and Oily Skins.
  • Illuminate your face with a "Diamond Dust" glow.


“I get amazing, even facial bronzing every time I tan, and my face stays smooth and hydrated long after.” -Sarah